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And yet, there's no un-ringing this Reddington bell They shoot up the car Liz is riding in, killing the driver and — gasp — putting a bullet is Ressler's chest
As Reddington is insisting to Cooper that nothing the FBI can do through their legal pipelines will be enough to protect Liz from Townsend, that convoy is, indeed, infiltrated by Townsend's men Reddington says that Bino has eyes on every corner of the neighborhood, and if anyone can get them out of Townsend's crosshairs, it's Bino

Also hoping they make it out of this alive! "They're all dead because of you," Liz cries: "Tom, Esi, Jennifer, my mother — I can't take it anymore! The question of whether Raymond Reddington is Elizabeth Keen's father has existed for as long as has existed.

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But when Liz screams at Reddington that he's not going to get a thank you for "saving" her when she's on the run because of him, and Reddington responds, "You're not wrong, and I understand your anger," I could actually hear myself talking veeeeery slowly to my nieces who don't understand why they can't have cake for every meal
مسلسل The Blacklist الموسم الثامن الحلقة 13 الثالثة عشر مترجم
Because at that exact moment, Bino shows up and informs Liz that they're no longer playing for the same side
مسلسل The Blacklist الموسم الثامن الحلقة 20
"But you've always been there — the real you, telling me the truth
He tells her that everything he's been afraid of, everything he's tried to prevent from happening to her and Agnes is happening because the secrets he's been keeping have come out She fishes out his phone and tells him to call Cooper for help while she keeps an eye out for Townsend's men
Earlier, he told her the same in the back of a hearse, but he also told her that he feels like so many of the irreparable things she's done are partially his fault " Now that's not something you hear everyday on The Blacklist

No, Reddington isn't out here reading bedtime stories, or tucking a cheese stick under his fedora just in case Liz gets hungry while she's running for her life.

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And they're both sort of right
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But when Ressler hands the phone over to Liz…it's Reddington on the other end of the line
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Earlier in the episode, Liz accused Ressler of "holding onto a reality that doesn't exist" with his hopes that everything could still turn out okay for her, but it looks like he's the one being realistic now