Nexta live. Nexta — the channel behind Belarus’ Telegram revolution

In this situation, a largely anonymous group is pursuing somewhat unclear interests Over the past several years, Nexta gradually developed into an independent media outlet which uses many platforms for spreading information, though not a website
They also tried to do against Germans but they were stopped В 1956 году Игры прошли в Мельбурне, а в 2000 — в Сиднее

But the basic one is the channel with the Live prefix in the name.

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Figures based on military and civilian fatalities
МОК впервые в истории изменил олимпийский девиз Накануне Олимпиады в Токио к нему добавили слово «вместе»: «Citius, altius, fortius — communis»
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А в ближайшие годы КНР может перестать быть самой большой по населению страной мира — его обгонит Индия, население которой прирастает почти на 1% в год
How many millions did Russia lose, out of the Soviet Union losses, back during the Great Patriotic War? Poland are stupid enough to embrace the idea of a nuclear first strike, whilst being too thick to realise the response will be the destruction of the planet Both sites mainly forward messages to each other
Next as a good example could be Stalin some days later ordered retreat Poland HAS TO take far more out

Remember who overtook the Russian Empire in 1917? Самый богатый человек планеты отправился в космос Основатель Amazon Джефф Безос стартовал на корабле New Shepard собственной космической компании Blue Origin.

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A great part of Poland is doing pretty well
Belarus Protests' Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland
Few tens, may be up to 200 tactic nuclear strikes would be enough
Nexta — the channel behind Belarus’ Telegram revolution
Now they were under cammand of Stalin himself BUT there hardly was any communinication to them