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Do not open e-mails from unknown sources The examination schedules will continue to be updated as we reopen examination locations across Alberta
It is also useful for checking License, and Vehicles Services in KSA on official Ministry of Interior MOI website moi NEVER download software to access your online banking

Until further notice, all examination candidates are still required to bring a suitable mask to wear during their examination.

رابط تسجيل الدخول ابشر absar login
If you fail to provide the requested information, the stolen funds will not be recovered
Absa Online
Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service• Be especially aware that there are no security cameras trained on your PC and keyboard
Examination and Certification
Make sure no one has unauthorised access to your PC
Do not leave your computer unattended after you have entered your Absa Online password Update your operating system and browser with latest patches
The call will cause panic and fraudsters attempt to calm you down by revealing some of your details All active examination locations will continue to follow the ABSA COVID-19 safety protocols

NEVER share your online banking logon PIN or password details, card PIN, card one-time PIN or approve transactions using your phone.

رابط تسجيل الدخول ابشر absar login
Make sure the software on your PC is correctly licensed
رابط تسجيل الدخول ابشر absar login
Always log or sign off at the end of a session
Examination and Certification
Ensure you have the latest anti virus software applications loaded on your PC and mobile devices