Take me to church. Hozier

The clip, directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of small production company Feel Good Lost, follows the relationship between two men and the subsequent violent homophobic backlash
Sales+streaming figures based on certification alone As writer Nick Messitte points out, this style is unlike most music on the Billboard charts

And then Pose tries to recapture that same intimacy in the present when Vernon and Pray find a moment alone in the park.

Pose recap: Season 3, Episode 4, Me To
The main point of this song is that Hozier feels closer to God or the "good life" or "right living" in the act of love in sex, not when he adheres to established religion
Pose recap: Season 3, Episode 4, Me To
The song also received critical acclaim
Take Me to Church Lyrics and Meaning
After the 50th listen, it tends to be glossed over
Their love is immediately palpable in the way they move around and talk to each other as young boys When this episode really needles into that perplexing, hard-to-define feeling, it sings
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Upon its YouTube release in September 2013, the video quickly began to go viral, leading to Hozier's subsequent li.

Hozier: Take Me to Church (Video 2013)
Streaming-only figures based on certification alone
What does Me to by Hozier Mean? — The Pop Song Professor
A touching one, bitter, too, about love, pure love, about faith, troubled faith, about hat, one of the most profound
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