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Way, way back, in 1993, at the ripe old age of 1 ½ years old, Danielle began attending the EBC program on the grounds of MHS the other driveway CT scans help doctors diagnose or rule out issues such as brain bleeds, blockages in arteries, bone fractures, appendicitis, kidney stones, and pneumonia, among many others
In late 2010, all patient services, including the Women's Health Care Centre, were moved into the new hospital building © Copyright kawarthaNOW® 1996 - 2021

PRHC's current CT scanner technology pictured with Dr.

PRHC Auxiliary remains resilient for 60 years
Outside of their work inside of the hospital, the auxiliary also formed the Mary Evers Memorial Nursing Scholarships, with a committee who selects recipients each year
I love the work and the patients It was a challenging and demanding position for an experienced mental health nurse with clients assessed by both RNs and RPNs from four regional areas
Pella Regional Health Center provides healthcare in southeast Iowa.
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That was just the beginning of all the things MHS taught my daughter MHS is a wonderful hospital which provides a wonderful home, a wonderful school, and a wonderful caring, loving, and fun place for all children in need of this specialized care
Demolition of the Nicholls building began in fall 2011 and was completed in December 2011 Complementing the Varsity team's D1 championship, the JV team battles adversity to win it all

Patient Self-Scheduling Now Available We are pleased to announce patient self-scheduling through the MyPellaHealth Patient Portal is now available.

Retail Pharmacy on the Square: 802 Washington St.
Address: Phone Number: 641-628-1612 Hours of Operation: Monday — Friday: 8 am — 7:30 pm Saturday: 8 am — 2 pm Sunday: 1 pm — 4 pm Prescription Refills Call: 641-628-1612
Your gift to the PRHC Foundation will support the backbone of patient care
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Management is constantly pushing more and more on the staff across the board, house keeping, nursing, porters, etc
You can play on Friv-2017 Maryann Hutchinson and Marilee Sjaardema, who are both native to Pella, have donated a considerable amount of their time towards the Pella Regional Health Center Auxiliary
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JV TOURNAMENT VICTORY AT HOME FOR PRESIDENTS DAY! Well, she rode a bike, and I cried such tears of happiness! The region covers a huge geographic area, and is home to a population of approximately 300,000.

Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Keep up the great work that you all do Love, Kerriane and family
Your gift to the PRHC Foundation will support the backbone of patient care
You can help fund lifesaving equipment at PRHC by donating to the PRHC Foundation online at or by calling 705-876-5000
Working at Peterborough Regional Health Centre: Employee Reviews
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