Pull and bear. Is Pull & Bear ethical and sustainable?

My experience with this brand is the order completion process on the website is not successful by PayPal I gave it another go, ordered the same things again 5 items in total
I did and this time I paid directly on my credit card bypassing PayPal as I thought maybe the problem was with them

I was up the walls and the bank and PayPal both confirmed that the money was on my credit card.

I responded to say that my nearest store was approx 60km away and this was why I ordered online
The customer service is awful they seem to not care about customers at all from my experience
I tried contacting the chat service and no one got back to me for 40 minutes you can't close the chat and so I had to end up closing it as I couldn't waist so much time
They are not able to reassure their customers that the quality of their clothing is decent I asked this question plenty of times and was ignored every time They were not able to compensate for all the time I waisted having to be on top of them for failing on basic procedures As far as I am aware had I not emailed them with proof that I can see the item arrived to them they would have just taken my money and item and TIME I have sent 5 emails to Customer service as well as the Courier company and I have not had a single reply
I went to the store explained the situation that I received completely different items that I ordered and they said how can accept items that are completely different from what's on my online order I sent another email requesting a human to speak to me rather than automated emails and just received the same automated email telling me to return the item

Never got my money back.

Is Pull & Bear ethical and sustainable?
As I still wanted to return the item in question, I sent the 3 required photo these were amazingly specific, for a company that issues the wrong order number on a receipt
Pull&Bear archivos
There was no apology for the incorrect order number or the lack of response from customer service and the incorrect advice on the chat function!! Seems to be a common theme- people ordering things that they don't have in stock
Actually I would give zero stars, if it were an option! I was clearly told a replacement would be sent We will continue to offer you fashion inspiration and guidance to suit every body and budget, while also highlighting the unjust systems at play in the fashion industry
And why did I have to waist my time proving it to get an acknowledgement?? Track and trace said return package was delivered to their warehouse, by the way I'd steer well clear before using this company personally

However, like its sister brands , and , it operates with a fast fashion model — much like , and.

Is Pull & Bear ethical and sustainable?
It has now been almost a week and I still have not received my items
I returned one of the items in my order, unworn and with labels attached, 6 weeks ago
Is Pull & Bear ethical and sustainable?
Bought from them multiple times with no issues