Among us update. ‘Among Us’ update: New roles, including Sheriff and Scientist, will be added in an upcoming patch

A new hide and seek mode, visor cosmetics, achievements, and a fifth map have all been added to the game Then, it was later changed to a small eye patch
Recently, the Airship update was released and many players are enjoying it It comes down to the small team handling lots of tasks at once

This process is similar to updating on iOS, as both app stores are built similarly.

Among Us version history
How to Update Among Us on Bluestacks? So by the time you read this, the update will be live
How To Play Among Us Update
Update among us on android
Among Us Update Will Change Meeting Screen, Add 6 New Crewmate Colors
The firm has been quiet regarding planned visor cosmetics, achievements, and a fifth map
After setting up, you just have to wait for future updates before playing It did not, however, give a specific date for any of these changes
A teaser for the 5th map was also shown in the trailer, though what was shown was just an incredibly small picture of what appeared to be a blue block Also, there was a Geoff Keighley mask awarded as Twitch Drops to all those who watched The Game Awards 2020 live on Twitch

Additional FAQs Why Are Among Us Released Updates Taking so Long to Come Out? Keep scrolling for among us how to update game on steam.

How to Update Among Us on Your PC, Phone, or Console
In the new updates, you will see some balance changes, bug fixes and possibly some new content that will greatly enhance your gameplay
How To Play In The 15 Players Among Us Lobby Update?
Each color also has a unique color ID; for example, Red's is 0, and Yellow's is 5
You can tap "Update all" to update the entire list, or tap "Update" next to the specific app you want