Web.whatsapp.com مسح الرمز المربع. How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)

Because of such excessive use of WhatsApp, it provides high-security features to its users so that no third party can access any user data without authorization But how to get started with ir? Users can connect Whatsapp to their smartphone on
You can enable, disable, or reset your credentials from your phone WhatsApp anytime you feel so W App Web online was created for people who wanted to run WhatsApps on computers instead of mobiles

The two-step verification requires you to verify yourself by two steps.

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WhatsApp is easy to use on the web, but it is difficult for some people who have no idea how it works
How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)
You will see a QR Code generated on the home screen When you open web
Whatsapp Web
For added features, you can even use third-party apps
This way you can easily use it while working The new update will be a great relief to Web WhatsApp users
You can receive a message on WhatsApp Web and can reply on any of the phones Android or iPhone WhatsApp messenger if you want to Then click on Setting or 3 Dot• Or you need to send out an invitation link

However, Android users can still download the APK file from multiple APK sites.

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In that scenario, you can log in to your WhatsApp from the browser and can directly send your PC files to your friends
How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)
Your Account will safely log out from your Computer
How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)
The first is via PC and the second is via Mobile
A QR Code will Appear on Computer Web Browser Once your browser is synchronized with your smartphone, it becomes irrelevant
The Whatscan app simply mirrors Whatsapp Web in a mobile app Google Play and download the latest version from the bottom of WhatsApp

You can do almost everything on WhatsApp Web except for making that you can from your smartphone.

If you follow these three steps according to the instructions, it will identify your account and release it over the Internet, so that Web Whatsapp will automatically start in the open browser window
It is helpful if you want to stop unwanted people from joining the group
How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)
You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about WhatsappWeb in the following sections